Fortuny Moda
Camí­ des Castell, 48 Mao (Mahón-Menorca) ,
España 07702
Teléfono: 971 36 39 92

Where we are

If you need to park close, you can do it in any of the three parking lots that are in the area:

  • Easy parking in Sínia des Cuc, about 200 meters: is a large parking, you will be able to access it from the street San Manuel (marked with a red arrow on the map below) or from Camí des Castell (also in the map marked in blue) This parking lot is divided into two zones: one free and one payment (according to time on weekdays).
  • Underground parking (fee) about 400 meters away at Miranda square, near the Cloister Market of Carmen.
  • Free parking on the site formerly occupied by the Catisa jewelry factory, you can access it from the Abu Umar square, passing for Fort de l’Eau and San Sebastian Street.

To avoid getting lost we explain it with the following pictures.

We are located 200 meters from the Maó (Mahón) center and about 200 meters from the Sínia des Cuc, a large parking easily accessible divided into a free zone and another payment according to time on weekdays.

To access the Sínia des Cuc you could do it in two ways. If you come along San Manuel Street you will see the parking lot following the directions of these two pictures:

 5 entrada aparcament carrer st manuel6 entrada aparcament carrer st manuel (1)

Instead, if you choose the route of Camí des Castell, you will see the parking entrance on your left, as shown in the first picture. Once you pass through that little tunnel you will be in the parking lot:


1 cami des castell (1)3 entrada aparcament cami des castell (1)

4 vistes aparcament (3)2 entrada aparcament cami des castell

Another parking lot we have close (about 400 meters from the store) is the one in Miranda Square, adjacent to Cloister Market of Carmen. It is an underground pay parking. Finally, although it is a little further away another free parking that can be useful is the one located on the site of the former factory “Catisa“. To get there you have to go to Abu Umar square, passing for Fort de l’Eau and San Sebastian Street. The location of these two parkings can be seen clearly on the attached map. Likewise you can also see marked with a blue and red line the different routes that we mentioned to reach the parking of Sinia des Cuc.


As you can see it is easy to access our store, either on foot from the center or through any of these parkings that we discussed. We hope this information is of any use. However, if you need more accurate information you can check Google map:


Fortuny Moda

Camí­ des Castell, 48

Phone: (93) 971 36 39 92