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Our brands


Pierre Cardin

This famous French designer of Italian origin is considered one of the great fashion. Many designers have been inspired by him. It was the engine of Prêt a Porter and the first designer to stamp its name and logo on all her clothes. He rose to fame at the time of the space race with futuristic creations full of color and design. In our shop we highlight its poles, pants and shorts. Currently the firm has more than 700 factories around the world.



This company owned by Gisele and Textile, S.L. was founded in Barcelona in 1972. Originally it was dedicated to fantasy handkerchiefs, always looking for differentiation and constant renewal. Currently they are leaders in Spain in what refers to fashion accessories sales.


This Galician company founded in 1963, has become today a benchmark in the menswear sector. The company based in design, quality and innovation performs its productions entirely in Spain where it employs more than 500 people. Currently produces more than 1 million garments a year and has a presence in markets such as Lebanon, United Arab Emirates, Korea, China, Russia, France and Portugal.


Roberto Bassi

The team of Roberto Bassi that belongs to the Madrid company TEM FORMULA, has become one of the leading companies nationwide in terms of menswear. Their philosophy has been to go for the best design and quality making them compatible with a good price. The design team consists of experienced professionals seeking to be up to date on worldwide trends.



Polo Ralph Lauren

One of the most unique and appreciated brands in the international fashion scene. It was created almost 50 years ago by this revolutionary designer who rightly combined the refined taste of American consumers with the sensitivity of European fashion. This way was born one of his most famous pieces: the Ralph Lauren polo, a garment that allows a variety of combinations with other garments and can be used both in very informal settings and in more serious or professional occasions. The common denominator of all Ralph Lauren’s collections is the color and design that convey pleasant sensations of visibility and beauty.



This well-known American company was founded in New Haven in 1949. Initially it was producing for other companies, but gradually was more independent and won its place in the market. At first it focused on young customers, having great success with their shirts and tees. In fact the collared shirt button was invented by Gant, becoming a classic. In the 1960s it became the second shirt manufacturer in the world. Currently this brand is considered one the best in the world. Besides polo shirts and shirts, it also stand out their pants, shoes and accessories for both men and women. Now has a presence in 73 countries, and its products can be found in 298 selected stores around the world.



This young company, founded in Castellón in 1982, quickly rose to the spotlight by the selection of their fabrics, practical and originals. It is distinguished by their high-level quality of dressmaking of their casual and dress pants. Its last success has been to develop a collection of casual jackets and pants with an urban and casual style.


Mirto was founded in 1956 with a clear objective: create shirts for the modern man. Today it is a leading brand in its sector. It stands out for its exclusive tissues, by knowing how to combine technological innovation and the best craftsman knowledge. Their shirts collection ranges from high-end models for more formal dress, to sport shirts for casual moments.

Currently they produce over 1 million garments a year and take care painstakingly and in detail the more than 18 different pieces of fabric that form a shirt.

Mirto is a company that also stands out for its social responsibility: most of their garments are produced in Spain. If they have to outsource supplies from abroad do so only in European countries, and after passing demanding tests.

The expansion of Mirto reaches over 25 countries, its products can be found in the best multi brand stores.

drn_logoDo Rego & Novoa

Founded in 2007 in Galicia, Do Rego & Novoa is intended for the young man who likes to enjoy fashion. Like its corporate logo a spectacular Kougar car, symbol of the gentlemanly aesthetics, DR & N dress the man who reflect these values like vanguard, originality and elegance.
bellido_logoMiguel Bellido

This company was born in a small belts workshop in the 50s. Located in Ciudad Real, in the following years will go through a dramatic expansion in Europe and the United States thanks to the quality and finishing of their products. In 1984 the Ministry of Industry gives it the “Export Leader” prize. Currently Miguel Bellido has become an undisputed leader in the field of leather accessories.

Founded in 1988, it is part of Via Corso, S.L. Seaport is a young company constantly evolving, seeking to satisfy a demanding public. The key factors that characterize it are quality, price and the ability to adapt to the constantly changing market. It is currently present, besides Spain, in Dubai, Lebanon, Portugal, Italy and Belgium.

A curious feature about this company is that their collections have appeared in popular tv series and movies such as: El Cor de la Ciutat, La Sagrada Familia, Ventdelpla, La Riera, Kubala Moreno i Manchon, Mi Gitana, Yo soy Bea, Acusados, etc.