Fortuny Moda
Camí­ des Castell, 48 Mao (Mahón-Menorca) ,
España 07702
Teléfono: 971 36 39 92


fWe have spent many years committed to you. During this time, we have been fortunate to dress many grooms for such a special day. We are a family store in a small site, this makes us care very much for detail.

We seek to innovate and evolve over the years, in the same way that fashion and dress suits have done it before. Now the tailored suits are used more, with one or two buttons and with one or two openings.

We have a variety of garments for these special occasions: ceremony suits for grooms with more quality, brighter than normal suits, highlighting vests and cravats. We don’t forget the guests and companions: for parents we can offer suits with a more classical cut. And for young people we have a special line of tailored suits at good price, from 175 €.

Our offer doesn’t end here. We know about the diverse tastes of our customers and for those who like to dress in a more informal way, we have available a combined of blazers and cotton pants affordable to all pockets.

Of course, we have all the necessary accessories for this big day: shirts, belts, cufflinks and a good variety of shoes.

In recent years, we have participated in several fairs and events, as CelebraMenorca. We leave you some pictures and videos of this fun event (provided by the organization and its author Karlos Hurtado), where you can see a sample of the suits we have for the groom and companions.


And finally, do not miss this original video of our preparations for this wedding: