Fortuny Moda
Camí­ des Castell, 48 Mao (Mahón-Menorca) ,
España 07702
Teléfono: 971 36 39 92

About us

IMG_3952The history of our store dates back none other than the year 1943. That year our grandfather Jose Fortuny, decided to take a risk and open a small store which he would call “Confecciones Fortuny”. Since then the store has lived many stories and some ups and downs, up to meet these 70 years of history.

Jose Fortuny, the son of a humble family, began working as a clerk in a tailor shop. There he began to learn the profession while attending math classes, because by then the fabrics were sold to meters and it was necessary to know how accurately calculate decimals for making suits and dresses.

When World War II broke out and the scourge of the crisis, José Fortuny found a way to support his family by traveling with his mule to the villages and cottages. As a street vendor he sold fabrics, threads, or just did some barter for food. It was a time marked by hard living.

After the war, Joseph despite criticism from his family, decided to open a small shop. After the war, Joseph despite criticism from his family, decided to open a small shop. He believed that in the world of fabric he would find the key to support his wife and two daughters. Our grandfather began travelling every fortnight to Barcelona in search of the latest newness by contacting the most important factories and wholesalers. When he was coming back he established the habit of bringing a gift for his wife, two daughters and for his last son Alberto, born in August 1944 and who later will continue with the family business.

A curious fact is that at that time many warships visited the port of Mahon, especially Italians. This revived the economy of the city and helped many families. Many of those sailors were customers of our shop, coming to buy clothes for their family. With some of these sailors we build a great friendship, and they stayed to eat at our house.

Our father Alberto Fortuny went to Barcelona with seventeen to learn the profession in several textile companies. This learning would be essential for knowing how to serve customers for more than 50 years behind the counter and to keep the store going. Our father Alberto has performed over the years several reforms at the store, expanding it, reforming it, and giving it a modernist and classic air at once. Currently the store has more than 175 sqm, becoming an emblematic establishment on the island. Always trying to innovate, Fortuny Moda tries to provide a good service and have the best national and international brands at the best price possible.

The last jump, the last adventure of our establishment has been having an Internet presence. In a constant changing world we are aware that we cannot turn our backs to modern technologies. It is true that these changes produce fear, changes that can be seen as a threat to small businesses, but also this new scenario can be a great opportunity to reach more people. From Menorca, from a small corner of the world, our store is now open to everyone in the world.


Come to meet our store!

20Fortuny moda is located on the street Camí des Castell 48, a semi pedestrian street with a long commercial tradition. The store occupies an entire corner and is well known for its six windows that we try to take with good care.

Two pleasing columns in the entrance welcome our visitors.

The store has never stopped innovating, both to offer the latest trends in fashion and to make reforms in the relevant premises. Currently it occupies an area of about 175 sqm, making it one of the largest establishments dedicated to man’s fashion found in Menorca.

Its floor is parquet, lighting has been renovated with energy-saving lights. We have the store divided into sections to move comfortably around. Thus, on the right side the client can see the section on Gant, Florentino… and to the left Polo Ralph Lauren and others.

In the center there are several dressers with pants, farther ahead the visitor can find the section of youth suits, then the suits with a more classic cut and finally the exhibition of suits for grooms or ceremony. During all these years many grooms have trusted us to choose their outfit for a special day.