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Presentation fashion spring summer season 2016 in Cova d’en Xoroi

Presentation fashion spring summer season 2016 in Cova d’en Xoroi

Posted by on Jun 13, 2016 in Novedades | 1 comment

We have visited the famous Cova d’en Xoroi  to present us some of the innovations and trends in menswear for this spring summer 2016 season…

It was a fantastic experience back in this cave located on a cliff 60 m from the sea in the resort of Cala en Porter. A cave converted in a famous bar and discotheque; they have already served 50 years of existence.

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Fortuny Moda is a store in the city of Mahon, but has become a benchmark for all Menorca. There are few people who doesn't know it, it has a long history and tradition dating back to almost 75 years of existence. During this time, the little store that José Fortuny started has undergone several improvements and renovations, to become one of the largest shops in Menorca. Now the helm has come to the third generation.

Times have led this store to specialize; now it's dedicated exclusively to menswear, where you can find a variety of clothes and styles: from sportswear and casual clothes to elegant suits for grooms.

Prices are on par with the times, offering a wide range within the reach of all budgets. Fortuny Moda is committed to innovation and the latest trends in national or Spanish brands, the Spanish fashion that has become the number one in the world but without forgetting those international iconic brands which are also at the forefront of men's fashion. All with the goal of being a little better every day, and provide better service.

Fashion has always set the times for hundreds of years by imposing a style in society all people tend to follow, and then what we know as fashion is created. This has always been important for men and women since the way to dress says all about the person: speaks of their formality, commitment, seriousness, their habits, among many other things, including the neatness of the concerned person. However, there are certain parameters that we will discuss below.

Not all clothing goes with all people; each of us has a different body, and some clothes will be better than others. What is sought is that body imperfections go unnoticed or even look good with clothes: shorter legs or thinner arms are some things that can be arranged with clothing and current fashion. Fashion sets the standard for each of the men's clothing, but if necessary that standard is modified towards a correct appearance to man.

Of course, the way men face fashion is usually different from women. Usually, they aren’t so volatile to changes, nor seek to have the most extensive wardrobe of the world, conforming often with just enough.

Unlike women, men are often not as aware of the latest fashion trends and overlook the most recent aspects. In exchange, they seek that each garment is from a recognized brand and quality to buy it, they doesn't care for what is fashionable.

Men often follow a pattern of thought such as "long as it is quality and look good no problem". They do not look for too many excuses to choose clothes and visit fewer stores to choose a t-shirt or pants. Although many men still prefer that their women choose for them, it is also true that in recent times there has been a change in them: men increasingly care more about the way they dress, choosing the right size and color of the clothes that fit their personality. Men increasingly understand more about fashion. Ultimately clothing is a way to express and if you want to express yourself, do it right.